There are times when we are just “hung up” on something, perhaps everything. Branding can be like that, specifically building a brand. Building a personal brand can be tough and this one has been just brutal for me.

What do I want to portray?
What’s my message?
What’s my theme?
How can I narrow my focus?

All these questions and I may as well be just asking myself, ‘What font should I use?” The bottom line that some of us need to learn is Just START. I say that some of us need that because there are a number of people who just start and they do a great job. There are also a few that just start and do a poor job but if I just START and do a mediocre job, I can always get better. I just need to allow myself the opportunity.

So here it is, my START. No theme, no prepared conceptions, just a start.


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