Decide what you’re not going to do

There are way too many inputs and items on the to-do list. Doing all of them poorly is what the likely outcome of that situtation is and this is just not acceptable. There are also many tasks/projects/relationships that you can’t just drop altogether. The answer is decide to not do it…for now. Find a way to keep it on the list purposely but in some time window in the future. This will allow the task/project/relationship to be in your awareness but not in the way.  All the time management gurus have some form of managing priorities but when you make sense of what you will NOT do, your mind becomes free to focus on the most important things. It is this freedom that will allow you to do your very best work.

What can you NOT do today? this week? this month? this quarter? Be okay with the delay of anything, just make the decision purposely.

So I drafted this blog post but didn’t actually post it and the very next day I see this article – it would seem that I am on to something. My take on this idea is that you may not want to just say no forever – just forever, forever, for now. There are plenty of things that you can and should flat out decline (respectfully of course), but you should reserve the right to revisit and adjust your approach based on the current best available information.


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